Erectile Dysfunction ED Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction ED Treatment Online Prescription

Erectile Dysfunction and Online Doctor Services
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual health problem constituting an emotional and social burden in affected men. It is considered the most common cause of sexual dysfunction in men older than 40 years. On sexual stimulation, men with erectile dysfunction find it hard to achieve an erection or sustain an erection for a timeframe sufficient enough for sexual intercourse. Essentially, erectile dysfunction significantly reduces libido and sexual performance in all affected men. The social burden associated with erectile dysfunction is explained in the different forms of discrimination against affected males. The male sexual drive has long been considered a symbol of masculinity and male sexual prowess. Call us and get the best ED Treatment!

Erectile Dysfunction ED Treatment
Erectile Dysfunction ED Treatment

As a condition bordering on sexual health, erectile dysfunction can be tricky to manage. Many patients do not feel conformable discussing their presenting symptoms with a physician. Others simply resort to self-medication and complementary medicine as therapy options. Since this condition is linked to sexual performance and satisfaction, many patients will only discuss their symptoms with a clinician under conditions of guaranteed confidentiality. Online doctor services provide an easy, safe, and confidential method of healthcare delivery for ED patients. Therapy is delivered without an actual visit to the doctor’s clinic.
Online doctor services primarily serve patients in regions where optimal medical care is inaccessible. These services have expanded to include patients who prefer anonymous modes of therapy and require confidentiality. Using a two-way communication technology, virtual doctors can collect patients’ medical history, perform clerking, order laboratory investigations online and issue an online prescription. These procedures are completed over encrypted communication channels, and all patient information is safely stored online. Using an online doctor service is considered one of the best methods of treating erectile dysfunction online.

Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Treatment Options for ED

Global epidemiological data on the prevalence rate of erectile dysfunction is hard to ascertain due to stigmatization and unwillingness of ED patients to seek proper medical care. Generally, this condition is mostly reported in men over 40 years old. In the United States, about 52% of men aged 40 to 70 years are reportedly on different treatment options for erectile dysfunction. Men with underlying medical conditions such as heart failure and diabetes mellitus are also predisposed to erectile dysfunction. These conditions reduce penile blood flow and disrupt the normal cycle of erection. With about 15% of the world’s men population diagnosed annually with erectile dysfunction, the global burden of this condition is projected to reach over 300 million cases by 2025.

erectile dysfunction
erectile dysfunction treatment

A comprehensive review of medical, sexual, and psychosocial history is needed to make a confirmed diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. In many cases, a positive history of spinal trauma, pelvic and prostate surgery may suggest an onset of ED. The review of medical history helps clinicians to formulate an optimal therapy plan. Drug history capturing the type, dosage, and duration of medication use is also useful in diagnosing and determining the cause of ED. Supplements, vitamins, enhancers, and herbal products are taken before the onset of ED are also reviewed before designing the treatment protocol. Drug and medical review are important in aged patients managed with multiple drugs. Call us without delay to get ED treatment.

The treatment options for erectile dysfunction correct the penile blood flow and restores the normal cycle of penile erection. Oral therapies with drugs that directly increase blood flow on the erectile tissues are considered first-line therapy for ED. The Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE-5) inhibitor drugs are considered the safest and most effective in this class. Vardenafil (Levitra), Sildenafil (Viagra), and Tadalafil (Cialis) are the most widely prescribed Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE-5) inhibitor drugs. Intracavernosal therapies and transurethral therapies are also considered if oral therapies fail to restore normal stimulatory erection.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction Online

erectile dysfunction treatment from online doctor
erectile dysfunction treatment from online doctor

Treating erectile dysfunction using an online doctor service is now a popular practice in many countries. Many patients with this condition prefer to access medical services at the comfort of their homes under conditions of strict confidentiality. A first step in treating erectile dysfunction online is selecting a virtual medical service provider. Patients can compare the service charges and range of treatment options available before registering with an online doctor service. Patients who fulfilled the registration requirements of online doctor services can be linked with a virtual doctor immediately after registration.
An online consultation session is scheduled, and the procedures of patient clerking are completed remotely. During clerking, the online doctor establishes a patient-doctor relationship and gathers information on medical history, surgical history, and drug use. In the management of ED, patients can also be asked to provide information on sexual habits, lifestyles and social history. Information gathered during clerking enables an accurate review of the condition’s etiology. Many ED cases can be organic as a result of an underlying clinical condition. If ED is caused by an underlying medical condition, the online doctor can design a treatment plan to resolves this condition.

Webdoctors & Erectile Dysfunction Treatments.
Webdoctors & Erectile Dysfunction Treatments.

If ED is caused by an unhealthy sexual habit or social lifestyle, patients can be advised on lifestyle modification techniques that directly improve penile blood flow. If erectile dysfunction is caused by a congenital abnormality of the urogenital system, surgical options can be recommended. In many cases of erectile dysfunction, an online prescription can be issued. These prescriptions are valid and contain drugs selected considering the patient’s medical history. Online prescriptions are safely transmitted over a secured channel to the patient or a registered pharmacy. Patients can proceed to the pharmacy to get the drugs and initiate therapy.

Many online doctor services have continuing therapy plans for the treatment of erectile dysfunction online. These innovative approaches to remote care delivery directly monitor therapy progress. In-treatment patient assessment can be conducted with in-app voice prompts, direct text messaging, and scheduled video/voice calls. Online doctors can directly improve drug adherence and the rate of adoption of a predesigned lifestyle modification plan. This self-care plan directly puts the patient in control of therapy and guarantee complete confidentiality. Since therapy is also delivered remotely, patients are saved the time of traveling long distances to wait in queues at the doctor’s clinic. Telemedicine has championed an effective and efficient care delivery method for the treatment of erectile dysfunction globally.

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