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An online doctor is a practitioner using telehealth to consult with patients over the Internet via phone or video.
The average wait time at urgent care is an hour. It is an hour and a half at an emergency room. Consulting a doctor for common ailments is usually limited to work hours, rarely into the late evening and certainly not through the night. Many common ailments can be easily diagnosed and treatments can be prescribed through remote consultation. Consulting an online doctor is possible anytime of the day or night, from most states across the country and you can get a prescription immediately.

Web Doctors – Online Urgent Care for You.

Online Doctor provides online treatment 24/7 by board-certified physicians

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Remedies for Medical Conditions.

Web Doctors are the web doctors of America. The team of doctors simplifies the whole process of seeking treatment for dozens of common health conditions affecting over millions of people every year. Patients suffering from otitis or ear infection, bronchitis or upper respiratory tract infection, wheezing or upper respiratory infection, urinary tract infection including in the bladder, tonsillitis or sore throat, sinusitis, laryngitis, conjunctivitis, seasonal allergies, flu, contact dermatitis including poison oak or poison ivy, acne, tooth ache or infection, alcohol use disorder, erectile dysfunction in men, herpes, yeast infections, sexually transmitted diseases or infections and other common ailments can be swiftly diagnosed and treated by an online doctor. Medication refills can also be attended to instantly.

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Consult a Doctor in Dozens of States.

Dr. Narendra K Garg leads a team of online doctors at Web Doctors. He is licensed to practice in dozens of states in the country. Web Doctors has services available in Arizona, Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, California, Florida, Hawaii, Georgia, Illinois, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Missouri, Nevada, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, South Dakota, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, West Virginia, Washington D.C., Wyoming and Wisconsin. Web Doctors is expanding to other states and soon there shall be a truly nationwide presence.

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Web Doctors Simplifies Healthcare in the 21st Century.

More than half of all the conditions that compel people to visit a doctor can be addressed and remedied through online consultation and prescription. The drive to and from the healthcare facility can be avoided, thus saving money, effort, time and in many cases, pain. The wait time of an hour to longer can be reduced to minutes. Patients who register with Web Doctors and provide their medical history can get almost instantaneous treatment. There is also a significant saving. Consulting an online doctor and getting a prescription costs substantially less than seeing one in person.
Web Doctors has simplified healthcare in the twenty-first century. There are people living in distant parts of the country and remote places in several states, where the nearest doctor can be miles away and in rare cases, in another town. Living in a city does not make it easy for everyone. Traffic, availability of doctors, the sheer cost of consultation and other challenges complicate emergency and scheduled healthcare. An online doctor can be consulted anytime, from home or office, a prescription can be refilled or a new treatment can be recommended in a matter of minutes.