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Online Doctor Service: Get Online Medical Care by Web Doctors Physicians

Consult an Online Doctor 24/7

An Online Doctor is a physician who consults with patients via telephone or video, eliminating the need to visit a physical doctor’s office. While these doctors cannot treat all medical conditions, online doctors have the ability to treat a wide variety of ailments, and in many cases, can prescribe medication for patients to pick up at their local pharmacy.
Our online doctor service uses innovations in telemedicine to allow our physicians to treat patients over the Internet via phone or video. The WebDoctors team of physicians eliminates travel and the waiting room. See one of our board-certified online doctors virtually and get treated in minutes with our telehealth program. There are over fifty commonly occurring issues and conditions that can be diagnosed and treated remotely through virtual doctor visits. Seeing an doctor online is now possible any time of the day or night. Consult with a general practitioner from your phone, tablet, or computer and skip the waiting room completely. We’ll send your medication prescription directly to your local pharmacy, ready for pick up.

Online doctor visits and treatments costs - $59

Get treated by an online doctor for $59 with no insurance required. Our telehealth professionals bring down health costs and eliminate the waiting room completely by seeing your doctor online. Our costs are about half when compared with similar online doctor services and far less than a visit to urgent care. We treat a wide range of common conditions which are can be easily treated without the need to see a physician physically. Medical conditions such as Allergies, Bladder Infections, Ear Infections, Sinuses, UTI, Pink Eye, Upper Respiratory, STI, Colds, and the Flu are just some of the hundreds of conditions our doctors treat every day. Here is the list of the treatments we provide.

Virtual Care Medical Treatments

WebDoctors provides medical access to a board-certified doctor online, 24/7, anytime and anywhere. From your smartphone, tablet, or computer, our telehealth services, allows patients to get treatment virtually. Millions of Americans now benefit from high-quality doctor care from their home or office, forgoing the dreaded waiting room. With roughly 50 treatable conditions, seeing a online doctor for treatment in minutes has never been easier or more convenient. Imagine physician visits on your time, not ours.

Web Doctors Virtual Visits - 100% Money Back Guarantee

Speak to an board-certified doctor online from your phone or computer in minutes. has thousands of 5-star reviews and satisfied patients all over the U.S. We offer a no-questions-asked 100% guarantee on all virtual doctor consultations and treatments. When you choose WebDoctors, you’re choosing the highest-rated care and the most competitive prices for a doctor online. And, no insurance is ever necessary. Simple the best virtual medical care at the best prices.

Online Doctor Treatments Eliminate Barriers to Care

“Seeing a Doctor Online” is no longer constrained to a physical consultation. Significantly decreasing costs such as medical facilities and office waiting rooms now allows a doctor online to treat twice as many patients at nearly half the cost. The savings are passed on to the consumer who no longer needs insurance to cover common treatable conditions.

With the help of the internet and online tools, telemedicine allows our patients to connect and have their office virtually, in the privacy of their own homes. Connect directly to your doctor, tell them about your issues, upload photos or videos, or jump on a live chat without having to be in the same town, state, or even the same time zone!

Your quality of care (especially if you have a physician or medical expert that you really like and really trust) will never be handicapped by physical barriers any longer. With these tools you won’t have to worry about being out of touch with your medical team should a medical emergency occurring while on vacation or on a business trip, for example.

Online Treatments for Specific Conditions

WebDoctors and online doctor service simplifies the doctor-patient visit and the entire process of seeking treatment for dozens of common health conditions affecting millions of Americans every year.

Patients suffering from an ear infection, bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infection, wheezing, urinary tract infection, bladder infections, tonsillitis, sore throat, sinusitis, laryngitis, conjunctivitis, seasonal allergies, flu, contact dermatitis including poison oak or poison ivy, toothache, tooth infection, alcohol use disorder, erectile dysfunction in men, herpes, yeast infections, sexually transmitted diseases or infections and other common ailments can be swiftly diagnosed and treated by a doctor online. Prescriptions and medication refills can also be approved instantly through a virtual consultation.

Online Doctor by Web Doctors Chicago Office Patient Visiting
See a Doctor Online in Minutes

Dr. Narendra K Garg leads an entire team to bring you the doctor online services  at WebDoctors. He and the entire team is licensed to practice medicine across the country in virtually every state. Web Doctors offers virtual physician services and virtual visits throughout the United States. Connect with a medical doctor and access treatments for a variety of conditions that don’t require a physical office visit.

With prices starting at only $59 for a doctor consultation, we offer simple and virtual visits and medical treatments with a prescription on their way to your local pharmacy for pickup. Connect with Web Doctors online now and be talking to or video conferencing with one of our doctors in minutes. brings you qualified access to a doctor when you need them. No waiting Room; just sign up, log in, and see a doctor now.

Online Doctors taking patients
Web Doctors Online Simplifies Healthcare

More than half of all the conditions that compel people to visit a doctor online can be addressed and remedied through online consultation and prescription. The drive to and from the healthcare facility can be avoided, thus saving money, effort, time, and in many cases, pain. The wait time of an hour to longer can be reduced to minutes. Patients who register with a web doctor and provide their medical history can get almost instantaneous treatment. There is also a significant saving. Consulting an online doctor and getting prescription costs substantially less than seeing one in person.

Web Doctors has simplified healthcare in the twenty-first century. There are people living in distant parts of the country and remote places in several states, where the nearest medical treatment can be miles away and in rare cases, in another town. Living in a city does not make it easy for everyone. Traffic, availability of doctors, the sheer cost of the consultation, and other challenges complicate emergency and scheduled healthcare. Our online doctors can be consulted anytime, from home or office, a prescription can be refilled or a new treatment can be recommended in a matter of minutes.

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