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Online care by board certified, American trained primary care physicians

Prices shown are for routine consultations. If you choose an upgraded consultation level, the prices are slightly higher.

About WebDoctors.com
WebDoctors.com is an online medical provider that aims to help and treat common medical ailments. We have board certified physicians who are on call to speak with you 24/7, every day of the year. If you have a minor medical issue, you can speak with an online doctor using your mobile device or computer, and receive an online prescription sent to your local pharmacy. Most patients utilizing WebDoctors.com have an immediate online medical consultation with no waiting, and the physician is able to instantly send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

The Benefits of Using WebDoctors.com

  • We provide immediate access to board certified primary care physicians for our patients. If you’re suffering from a common medical problem, and it is diagnosable online, reach out to us instead of taking a trip to the ER or to urgent care.
  • Did you know that the average cost of an ER visit is about $500? A trip to urgent care could cost you up to $300, not to mention $150 for a primary office visit. At WebDoctors.com, our fees start as little as $39.95 for many conditions, with no subscriptions or insurance necessary.
  • ER Waiting Rooms, Urgent Care and Doctors Offices can often spread illnesses as easily as treating them. Many times patients can end up feeling worse after visiting a doctor’s office visit than better. WebDoctors.com allows patients to receive care from a board certified physician from the comfort of their own home.
  • When you are paying for an online doctor visit, you are only paying for the time with your doctor. You do not have to worry about the additional costs that come with in-person doctor visits.


Key Stats and Cost Considerations about Online Doctors

According to Health Affairs, “A key attraction of this type of telehealth [telephone or video conferencing] is growing rapidly.” Of 300,000 patient data collected, 88 percent are trying out this new way to consult a doctor. Consumer Reports discovered that online doctor visits “can cut cost and time, but people may be more inclined to use telehealth when they otherwise would have done nothing.” A recent report from BBC yielded that around two-fifths of Americans ages 22-38 are now seeking “routine medical services virtually, says a digital health survey from consultancy firm Accenture.” In 2022—just a few years from now—virtual doctor visits in the US will reach 105 million.

What Does WebDoctors Treat?

Starting at $39.95, our online doctors treat a wide range of medical ailments. Check out some of the following reasons to reach out to WebDoctors:

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