Treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED) with an Online Doctor

Men’s Sexual Health - Treating Erectile Dysfunction with an Online DoctorModern medicine is rapidly evolving; growing in tremendous leaps and bounds to accommodate new innovation, technology, and novel medical practice. More interesting is the fact that medicine has transcended geographical barriers. Recently, there have been many publications and reviews evaluating the prospects of remote medical practices in different regions of the world. This practice –commonly referred to as Telemedicine or Telehealth, or treatment from an Online Doctor –has since improved its coverage significantly.And now, patients can have unrestricted access to an online Doctor and get medical consultation and advice at no or little cost. These online doctors are trained in exploiting the bulk of innovative information technologies available today in medicine. Once remote access has been established, confidential patient-doctor information exchange is all the requirement to practice medicine. Beyond the barriers of created and distance and geographic locations, Telemedicine has ...
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How To Treat A Cold And Cough Online JD

Colds or coughs are some of the most common health concerns for many people. A lot of patients end up opting for alternative treatment for these conditions, such as drinking a lot of tea, and staying indoors until they feel better. But in some cases, such treatments may not be enough, and a doctor’s expert opinion may be required. Here’s how to get that opinion online. Telemedicine: What It Is, and How It Works Telemedicine is a term that refers to the use of technology to enable remote healthcare. In practice, this can take on many different approaches, from using the phone to check in with patients for post-care to the use of video calling services in order to conduct an appointment. The goal of telemedicine is to give faster access to people for various health services. Its goal is to work with traditional healthcare methods, not to replace them ...
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How Online Doctors are treating Alcoholism with the Sinclair Method

The coronavirus pandemic is colliding with another growing public health issue: alcoholism and alcohol dependence. As countries scrambled to fight the spread, public officials tried to ease people into the unknown by implementing disease control measures. While designed to slow down the spread and make room for vaccine development, the devastating long-term effects of enforced quarantine, travel restrictions, and widespread institutional closures have been felt by millions. Social Isolation and Alcoholism During COVID 19 One thing is certain: long-term social isolation is a perilous breeding ground for alcohol use and misuse. Developing full-blown alcoholism is just a matter of time when circumstantial pressures do not relent. This isn't merely conjectured either, as research points to growing numbers of people struggling to manage their alcohol intake as they spend more time alone and cope with recent losses. A recent study examining U.S. men and women and their drinking habits found that ...
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How to get a Prescription from an Online Doctor

Can you get a prescription without going to the doctor’s office? The answer today is yes. Just like there’s an app for nearly any imaginable need out there these days, healthcare has been expanded beyond the bounds of brick and mortar facilities and placed into our hands. Many minor conditions require just one simple visit to receive the necessary treatment, which can easily be done online. Some of those conditions include mental health concerns, or dermatological issues (e.g. acne). Birth control and refill prescriptions for chronic conditions are also treatable with telemedicine. The benefits of getting your prescription from an online doctor include: Convenience   You won’t even need to get out of bed. Whether you are chatting with a provider online or consulting over a phone or video call, leaving the house is not part of your doctor’s visit. Save money   You will save a bit of gas, ...
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