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We Treat Ear Infections Online

Ear infections are common but painful ailments that many people seek treatment for every day. There are two main types of infections: otitis and swimmer’s ear. Otitis is an infection of the middle ear behind the eardrum and is most common in young children. Swimmer’s Ear occurs in the ear canal, the part that connects the outer ear to the eardrum. It is caused by water that remains in canal after swimming or showering. This water allows harmful bacteria to grow and cause pain. Both can be treated online by our doctors with properly prescribed medications.

WebDoctors offers an online ear infection treatment service where patients can get diagnosed and receive ear medication prescriptions sent directly to their local pharmacy within hours. A physician will determine the type of infection you have, and if it’s safe to treat online using antibiotics.


Symptoms of Ear Infections

Recognizing the symptoms of an ear infection can help you decide when to seek a virtual visit, potentially speeding up the recovery process. Here are common signs that might indicate an ear infection:

  • Ear Pain (Otalgia): The most prominent symptom, which might worsen when lying down as pressure changes in the ear.
  • Difficulty Hearing: Fluid buildup can muffle sounds, making it hard to understand speech.
  • Fluid Drainage: You might notice a clear, pus-like, or bloody discharge from the affected ear.
  • Fever: Especially in children, a fever can often accompany an ear infection.
  • Trouble Sleeping: Due to discomfort and pain, especially in children, restlessness and difficulty sleeping are common.
  • Tugging at the Ear: Children who can’t express their pain might tug or pull at their ears.
  • Loss of Balance: The inner ear is crucial for balance, so infections can cause dizziness or stumbling.
  • Headache and Irritability: Accompanying discomfort and general illness symptoms.


In addition to traditional ear infections, we also treat otitis, or ear inflammation, and swimmer’s ear. Here are some tell-tale symptoms of these specific types of ear infections:

Symptoms of Otitis
Ear infections are common, especially among children and while the symptoms may present mildly, they can progress to more serious pain. Symptoms often start as a cold with a runny nose and cough and progress to a fever, decreased appetite, and in more serious cases vomiting and diarrhea. A child will also appear uncomfortable and pull on their ear.

Symptoms of Swimmer’s Ear
The initial symptoms of an ear infection from swimmer’s ear are itching and redness inside the ear, mild discomfort that is aggravated by pulling or pushing the outer ear, or by fluid or drainage of the ear. When not treated, these symptoms will become more intense and you may feel as if something is blocking your ear, and a decrease in your ability to hear. Advanced cases will cause severe pain that spreads to the face and neck, swelling of your ear and a fever.

If you or your child experience these symptoms, consider them signals to connect with a doctor online. Early intervention with a telehealth consultation speeds up the process of getting access to antibiotics.

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Causes of Ear Infections

When it comes to managing health, convenience and expertise are paramount. At WebDoctors, we understand the urgency and discomfort of ear infections. Knowing the causes, symptoms, diagnostic processes, and treatment options available can significantly ease your experience. Leveraging the power of telehealth, you can find online access to a board-certified doctor who provides expert ear infection treatment or a prescription for antibiotics via a virtual visit.

Ear infections occur when viruses or bacteria enter and infect the middle ear—the area just behind the eardrum. But what leads to this invasion? Here are several factors:

  • Upper Respiratory Infections: Colds, flu, or allergies can cause congestion and swelling of the nasal passages, throat, and Eustachian tubes (which connect the middle ear to the throat), leading to blockages.
  • Eustachian Tube Dysfunction: In children especially, these tubes are not fully developed and are more horizontal than in adults, making it easier for pathogens to reach the middle ear.
  • Adenoid Issues: These tissues near the Eustachian tubes can become swollen due to infection, blocking drainage from the middle ear and causing an ear infection.
  • Environmental Factors: Exposure to tobacco smoke or high levels of air pollution can increase susceptibility.

Understanding these causes helps you take preventive measures. Seeing these symptoms may necessitate a telehealth virtual visit with an online doctor.

How Are Ear Infections Diagnosed?

When you start experiencing symptoms like ear pain, difficulty hearing, or fluid drainage from the ear, it’s crucial to consult a doctor online. Here’s how your doctor diagnoses an ear infection during a virtual visit:

  1. Symptom Review: You’ll discuss your symptoms with the doctor.
  2. Visual Examination: Doctors can virtually examine your or your child’s eardrum during video consultations.
  3. Additional Testing: Sometimes further tests like tympanometry—using sound tones and air pressure to assess eardrum movement—are recommended.
  4. Recommend Treatment: Your doctor will recommend treatment or even provide a prescription for antibiotics.


This thorough telehealth diagnostic approach ensures you receive accurate advice online and appropriate treatment plans.

How To Prevent an Ear Infection

Unfortunately otitis can only be avoided by preventing your child from getting a cold, so washing toys and hands regularly. Since they are a common ailment in childhood, there is little you can do to prevent them. Swimmer’s ear, however, can be prevented in many ways. Drying ears thoroughly after swimming or showering with a soft cloth can help prevent infection. Alcohol drops can also dry out the inner ear if you feel water trapped inside. You should never put object inside your ear as these will push irritants further into your ear.

Treatment Options for Ear Infections

Once diagnosed with an ear infection by an online doctor, various treatment paths can be considered based on severity:

  • Watchful Waiting: For mild cases of viral origin, monitoring at home might be suggested before starting any aggressive treatment.
  • Medication for Pain Relief: Over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help alleviate pain.
  • Antibiotics: If your doctor determines that bacteria is causing the infection and symptoms are severe or don’t improve, antibiotics may be prescribed.


Moreover, persistent cases might require more specialized treatments, which our doctors will guide you through during your virtual visit.

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