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Treating Alcohol Use Disorder Online

Alcohol Use Disorder is a serious health condition and addiction that affects millions of people and has destroyed numerous careers and families. Traditional treatment with counseling, habit-forming medications, expensive rehab and detox programs have been tried with limited success. Here at WebDoctors, we utilize a noble approach using an opioid receptor blocker known as Naltrexone and utilizing The Sinclar Method. The Sinclair Method uses a technique called pharmacological extinction whereby Naltrexone will reprogram your body, mind and brain to your pre-alcohol abuse mindset. The Sinclair Method has a 70-80% success rate which is much higher than the 10-15% success rate by traditional means. Highly motivated and serious patients can have a success rate of as high as 90%.

With the Sinclair Method, you can choose to become totally alcohol free, or continue to drink at a socially acceptable level. At, we provide online consultation and prescription for Naltrexone. The initial consultation is $175 and follow up consultations are $79.95.

AUD routine consultation: $175.00

AUD follow-up consultation: $79.95

(additional fee for video or priority consultation) 

What Is Alcohol Use Disorder? 

Alcohol use disorder is a pattern of drinking that has become severe, categorized as a chronic relapsing brain disease that is characterized by alcohol use that has become compulsive, losing control over one’s alcohol intake, and negative feelings when not using alcohol. It’s estimated that approximately 16 million people in the United States alone have Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD.

While it’s primarily adults who have AUD, adolescents can also sometimes be diagnosed with it. In 2015, approximately 623,000 teenagers aged 12 to 17 had AUD. This is an alarming statistic and one that has not gone unnoticed because the number of teenagers diagnosed with alcohol use disorder has only continued to increase year after year.

What is the Sinclair Method?

According to the C3 Foundation, “The Sinclair Method (TSM) is a treatment for alcohol addiction that uses a technique called pharmacological extinction—the use of an opiate blocker to turn habit-forming behaviors into habit erasing behaviors. The effect returns a person’s craving for alcohol to its pre-addiction state.

TSM consists of taking a Naltrexone, an opiate blocker 1-2 hours before your first drink of the day for as long as you continue to drink. After starting Naltrexone, you will notice that your craving will go down, the amount of alcohol you consume will go down, and you will lose interest in drinking. Eventually, you will start enjoying alcohol-free days more. Instead of alcohol controlling you, you will regain control over when and how much you drink. As mentioned previously, the success rate with this protocol is 70-80%.
Studies have shown that TSM is equally effective with or without therapy, so patients can choose whether to combine TSM with therapy. The physical results will be the same.

About one-quarter of those on TSM become 100% abstinent. Those who continue to drink will have to take their medication prior to drinking for as long as they continue to drink.”

Claudia, a successful actress, shares her journey overcoming alcoholism and offers her perspective on AUD treatments. Watch her TED talk!

Reference: C3Foundation

Is the Sinclair Method Supported by Research?

The Sinclair Method (TSM) represents a revolutionary approach by strategically using naltrexone to treat alcohol use disorder. Under TSM protocols, patients are given a naltrexone prescription only to be used before drinking instead of adhering to a regular daily schedule. The Sinclair Method leverages the concept of pharmacological extinction — using naltrexone to weaken the neural pathways that reinforce alcohol consumption gradually.

A significant body of research corroborates the efficacy of TSM in diminishing compulsive drinking behaviors. Studies consistently demonstrate that when patients adhere to TSM protocols, they report substantial reductions in alcohol cravings and progressively decrease their consumption levels. This targeted approach helps manage drinking behaviors and empowers individuals to regain control over their lives.

How Does Naltrexone Work for Alcohol Use Disorder?

Naltrexone serves as a pivotal element in the pharmacological management of alcohol use disorder (AUD) or alcoholism. This medication operates by obstructing opioid receptors within the brain that are directly linked to the rewarding and pleasurable sensations associated with alcohol consumption. By limiting these effects, a naltrexone prescription significantly diminishes the desire to drink, thereby assisting individuals in maintaining prolonged sobriety. This mechanism not only helps in curbing immediate cravings but also plays a crucial role in long-term relapse prevention.

A prescription of naltrexone through WebDoctors is carried out under strict medical supervision during online consultations with a board-certified doctor specializing in addiction treatment. To initiate alcoholism treatment online, patients can conveniently sign in or create an account, followed by a detailed virtual consultation. 

During this virtual session, your doctor will thoroughly assess your suitability for a naltrexone prescription or therapy, considering your medical history and specific health conditions. This will ensure a tailored and practical approach to your alcoholism recovery journey.

What Is the Cost of Naltrexone?

After completion of your physician consultation with WebDoctors, your prescription will be electronically sent to a local pharmacy of your choice. Naltrexone is an older, generic medication that is affordable and easily available at most pharmacies. You may also look for discount coupons on Most insurance plans typically cover the cost of the medication. Expect there to be some small variation depending on the area you live in and the maker of the Naltrexone when it comes to determining an exact price.

online alcohol treatmentWhat Forms Does Naltrexone Come In?

Naltrexone is versatile in its availability, designed to cater to diverse patient needs and preferences:

  • Tablets: These are typically taken orally once daily and are suited for those who prefer a simple, routine medication schedule.
  • Extended-Release Injectable: This form is administered periodically by a healthcare provider and is ideal for patients seeking a low-maintenance option that eliminates daily dosing.
  • Implant: The implant is surgically placed under the skin, where it releases naltrexone slowly over several months, providing a consistent dose without the need for frequent medical visits.

Each naltrexone prescription offers distinct advantages, and during your online consultation at WebDoctors, your doctor will discuss these options in depth. This discussion will ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment that aligns with your lifestyle, medical requirements, and treatment goals.

Potential Side Effects of Using Naltrexone

While using naltrexone for alcohol use disorder is effective, potential side effects must be considered. Commonly reported side effects include nausea, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, and anxiety — symptoms that are generally manageable and often decrease over time. However, some individuals may experience more severe reactions, such as liver damage or significant allergic responses.

During your online consultation with a doctor, it’s vital to discuss all potential risks associated with naltrexone openly. Your doctor will provide comprehensive information on managing side effects effectively and adjust your treatment plan if necessary. This ensures you are fully informed and prepared for all aspects of your alcoholism treatment journey.

naloxone for alcohol use disorderWe Recommend Considering Counseling & Support Groups

Combining a naltrexone prescription with counseling and participation in support groups can enhance recovery outcomes, both in person or online. WebDoctors strongly advocates for a holistic approach to treating AUD:

  • Individual Therapy: Provides personalized guidance and strategies to cope with triggers and cravings.
  • Group Therapy: Offers support from peers undergoing similar experiences.
  • Family Counseling: Helps repair relationships affected by one’s drinking habits and builds a supportive home environment.


Counseling and therapy can be facilitated online through the WebDoctors’ platform, providing continuous support alongside medication management.

Treating alcohol use disorder online via WebDoctors is a confidential way to access professional help. Our licensed physicians specialize in alcohol dependence and are ready to support you with tailored therapy plans, including prescriptions like naltrexone. 

If you’re prepared to take the first step towards recovery from alcohol dependence or wish to learn more about our services, contact us to start your order today or explore our other treatments, such as online ED treatment.

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