Medication Refills Online

Need a prescription refilled, but don’t want to go to a doctor?

Get Your Medication Refilled Online

The physicians at can authorize a limited number of prescription refills of medications that you have been taking, and were prescribed by your regular physician. We can refill medications for hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and various other conditions.

If you are currently taking a specific medication and have the original prescription documentation, our medical providers can submit an electronic Prescription. Your refill can then be picked up at your local pharmacy within an hour.


Keep in mind that you have to see your primary care physician from time to time, for general checkups, labs, and annual physicals. We provide only emergency refills for situations such as if you are traveling, and forgotten your medication at home, or if you are in transition of care because of a change of job or insurance, and you are unable to make an appointment with a new doctor right away. The amount and number of refills of particular medications is at the discretion of the physician.