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Need a prescription refilled, but don’t want to go to a doctor?

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The physicians at can authorize a limited number of prescription refills of medications that you have been taking, and were prescribed by your regular physician. We can refill medications for hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and various other conditions.

If you are currently taking a specific medication and have the original prescription documentation, our medical providers can submit an electronic Prescription. Your refill can then be picked up at your local pharmacy within an hour.

$69.95 for first refill
$20 for each additional refill

Keep in mind that you have to see your primary care physician from time to time, for general checkups, labs, and annual physicals. We provide only emergency refills for situations such as if you are traveling, and forgotten your medication at home, or if you are in transition of care because of a change of job or insurance, and you are unable to make an appointment with a new doctor right away. The amount and number of refills of particular medications is at the discretion of the physician.

Best Online Prescription Service

Prescriptions are very popular in modern medicine. In fact, there are definite chances that you might have once been issued one. Whether new or a refill, these documents are legal tenders in medical care, conveying instructions that mandate the Pharmacists to provide medication for your care. Not only are they important for therapy, but they are also considered necessary in every system of healthcare delivery – home care, physical hospital visits, or remote healthcare. Once a prescription is issued, getting it filled is the next logical procedure. In recent times, however, the modalities for issuing and filling prescriptions have been modified.

Online prescriptions are steadily becoming mainstream. Simply put, they are prescriptions generated and filled online via a telemedicine network. This new trend has moved prescription issuance a step further from the traditional methods of physically completing the issuance process for retail prescriptions. In the United States alone, about 4.38 billion retail prescriptions are reprojected to be filled in United States between 2013 and 2025. In the early 2000s, the percentage of e-prescriptions generated in the United States alone started increasing steadily. In 2017, about 66 percent of all generated prescriptions were electronic prescriptions. This number increased to 73% in 2018 and 79 percent in 2019. 

All About Online Prescriptions From Online Doctor Service

The coronavirus pandemic increased the operations of online medical services globally as the lockdown regulations limit hospital visits, especially for non-emergency conditions. As a result, remote medical services increased, the rate of e-prescriptions and laboratory investigations ordered online also increased proportionately. In 2020, the rate of e-prescriptions generated in the United States alone was estimated as 84% of the total number of prescriptions generated. Not only is this a significant variation previous, but it also signaled a historical transition in the method of prescription issuance in the United States. With more people registered on different telemedicine networks, more prescriptions were generated online for medications needed in medical care. 

Best Online Prescription Services for You

As one of the longest standing and, and highly rated telemedicine providers, the board-certified physicians at can prescribe the majority of prescription refills of medications most patients have been taking. In addition to this, the online doctors at at can refill medications for hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and various other conditions. If patients are currently taking a specific medication and have the original prescription documentation, WebDoctors can typically submit an electronic Prescription. A prescription refill can then be picked up at a local pharmacy within an hour at almost any pharmacy in the US. 

With consultations starting at just $39.95, many patients enjoy the quick and convenient service from WebDoctors. WebDoctors also provides one of the shortest wait times, and the most available appointments of almost any telemedicine service, allowing most patients to speak to a board-certified physician in less than 15 minutes. WebDoctors also boasts over 6,000 positive reviews, with very high ratings on Trustpilot and Google.

online prescription
online prescription


This telemedicine network delivers a nationwide service protocol and generally available for adults 18-year-old and older. Lemonaid offers a full-service online medical consultation that remotely connects you with an online doctor. The basic process of consultation, diagnosis, and prescription issuance is completed remotely over an encrypted telecommunication channel. Lemonaid also runs a partnership with Quest Diagnostics to order laboratory investigations online, including blood tests, urine culture, sensitivity tests, and different organ functionality tests. 

If you are registered with the Lemonaid prescription services, you are offered direct access to commonly prescribed medications. These medications cover therapy for acne, sinus infections, erectile dysfunction, urinary tract infections, anxiety, smoking, cold sores, and migraines. In addition, patients undergoing substance use disorder therapies are also catered for on this network. Most consultations with this online prescription service cost $25, and there is an option for insurance coverage. You can get your medications through a mail-order or get your prescription transferred to a local pharmacy.

online prescription from Webdoctors
online prescription from Webdoctors

Blink Health

Blink health serves the 50 states of the USA and the District of Columbia. Based in New York, this online prescription service has created a niche for itself using its signature ‘Same medication, Same pharmacy, Lower price’ policy. Just as Lemonaid, Blink Health also operates a full-service online medical care service. Registered members are expected to pay $5 for the first month of the subscription. Subsequently, a monthly subscription plan costing about $9.95 monthly. This monthly subscription covers online consultations and drug delivery services for the month under review. Drug costs are charged separately and depend on the brand, the dosage prescribed, and the duration of therapy. 

Patients registered on Blink Health have access to medications needed for different disease conditions. If you are registered, you can get your prescription filled for erectile dysfunction, acid reflux, urinary tract infection, cold sores, and other non-emergency conditions. The commonly dispensed drugs on Blink Health include atorvastatin, sildenafil tadalafil, and buprenorphine. Your prescription services are secured with Blink Health, and you can use insurance packages that are recognized under this service. 


Headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire, PillPack is a famous prescription-online online medical service that serves all the 50 States and the District of Columbia. It was recently acquired by Amazon Pharmacy to enlarge its coverage and improve its service delivery protocol. Compared with other online prescription services, the service protocol at PillPack is simplified. Medications captured on online prescriptions are dispensed and simply shipped to patients using a direct-door delivery system. 

Drug costs are covered by out-of-pocket payments and co-payments under insurance packages that are registered with PillPack. At PillPack, the medication shipping fee is free, so you only pay for the drugs that are widely reported to be reasonably priced. In addition, patients are offered the choice of purchasing a reusable dispenser valued at $15 or opting for a free, recyclable paper box dispenser. 


Wisp operates a different protocol in its online prescription delivery services. Developed as a patient-friendly option, it offers both online medical service and an online prescription filling system. Patients registered on Wisp are expected to complete an online prescription before receiving their prescription. If you decide to use this service, you can schedule an online appointment and get your prescriptions delivered to your house or to a preferred Pharmacy. Their service has nationwide coverage and specifically provides care plans for disease conditions that many patients consider too sensitive to discuss in a physical hospital visit. Service prices cover consultation, medication, and shipping and can range from $15 to $60.

Anytime Pediatrics

Founded by Dr. Mick Connors, Anytime Pediatrics is a pediatric-specific telemedicine network that covers all 50 States and the District of Colombia. This service charges a flat fee for video consultations and offers routine follow-ups, on-demand sick visits, and online prescription services. If your ward is registered with Anytime Pediatrics, you can choose to get your prescription sent to a preferred Pharmacy. You can also use your insurance packages as Anytime Pediatrics supports major health insurance plans.

There are other reputable online prescription services that can get your prescription filled and delivered to your house. However, the terms and conditions of service may be different depending on locations and disease conditions. You can contact your local healthcare agency for more information on available online prescription services before making your choice. 

If you have a prescription you want to refill, telehealth offers a virtual way to do this from home without going out to visit your doctor. Virtual medical services and telehealth have never been more popular, including Alcohol treatment. If you have been taking medication provided by your doctor, our virtual doctor can, for most common prescriptions, provide a limited refill.

Don’t wait until you run out. Get in touch with our telehealth doctor today to refill your prescription. Whether your prescription was provided for you through a virtual visit, an in-person visit with your doctor, or through telehealth, we can help with the prescription refill.

Finding the time to visit the doctor is no longer an issue. We will refill your prescription through our virtual telehealth service. All we need is a prescription script from your doctor or our doctor will provide a new one.