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How It Works

We make it easy for you to see a doctor right away

#1 Explain the Reason for your Consultation

Let us know the purpose of your visit and any details the doctor needs to know.

#2 Enter your basic Health Information

Include your health history, medications, allergies, and any other health information that would be important for the doctor to know.

#3 Talk to a Board Certified Doctor

Start your consultation! Speak with one of our board-certified doctors.

#4 Get Your Prescription sent to your local pharmacy

The doctor will send an ePrescription for you at the pharmacy of your choice. – Online Urgent Care for you and Your Family

The average wait time for treatment at urgent care is about an hour. Many common ailments people visit can be easily diagnosed by an Online Doctor and treatments can be prescribed through remote consultation. Consulting an online doctor is possible anytime of the day or night, from most states across the country and you can get a prescription immediately.

Simplifying Health Care for the 21st Century has simplified healthcare for the twenty-first century. More than half of all conditions that compel people to visit a doctor can be addressed and remedied through an online consultation and prescription. Wait times of an hour or longer in most cases visiting the ER or Urgent Care can be reduced to mere minutes. physicians can be consulted anytime, from almost anywhere, and can instantly send online prescriptions to our local pharmacy.

Board Certified Physicians