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Why An Online Doctor Can Help Avoid That Visit To Urgent Care

Technological advancements and the field of medicine often go hand in hand, as proven by the growing popularity of telemedicine.

In short, telemedicine refers to the process of seeing a doctor with the use of digital technology, from video calls to even apps on a smartphone. But, as we’re seeing telemedicine enter the market heavily, there are also a lot of benefits this field can bring, especially when it comes to avoiding that visit to urgent care.

How Does This Happen?

Telemedicine could potentially bridge the gap that exists between the patient and the doctor’s office. There are several different reasons why people may postpone a visit to the doctors, as found by a 2015 study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine:

  • Bad previous experiences with doctors, clinics, or even health care insurers;
  • Downplaying their symptoms, or believing they would improve over time;
  • Higher costs;
  • No health insurance;
  • Time constraints;
  • Lack of quick access to medical facilities.

All of these factors can essentially lead to a lot of people postponing to see a doctor, and not just for routine check-ups. Even when someone experiences symptoms that something is wrong, they are likely to ignore or self-medicate first. In some mild cases, this may result in a happy outcome, but for a lot of people, it actually leads to a worsening of health and the need for urgent care.

How Online Doctors Can Help You Avoid This

The role of an online doctor’s visit isn’t to necessarily replace traditional in-person meetings, but rather to help patients access medical advice fast when their situation doesn’t allow it for various reasons.

Through an online appointment, you can:

  1. Get a Quick Consultation When the First Symptoms Appear

You do not have to wait and see if your symptoms improve with time or get worse. With an online consultation, you could potentially be connected to a board-certified doctor in a matter of minutes, and get their professional opinion.

  1. Receive Expert Advice and Even Treatment

Of course, not all conditions can be treated remotely, but there is a variety of them that don’t necessarily require an in-person meeting to be diagnosed, from the common cold to various rashes, ear infections, and more.

For such conditions, you can get proper medical advice and even treatment without needing to leave your home and sit in the doctor’s waiting room. The process is much more streamlined and efficient this way.

  1. Stay Safe During the Pandemic

In the current state of the world, many people do not want to leave their home and put themselves at risk of a COVID-19 infection, and that goes for doctor visits as well. Through telemedicine, patients can remain safe at home.

Over to You

If you’re noticing some strange symptoms but do not want to leave your home and see a doctor, please consider an online visit instead.

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