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Treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED) with an Online Doctor

Men’s Sexual Health – Treating Erectile Dysfunction with an Online Doctor

Modern medicine is rapidly evolving; growing in tremendous leaps and bounds to accommodate new innovation, technology, and novel medical practice. More interesting is the fact that medicine has transcended geographical barriers. Recently, there have been many publications and reviews evaluating the prospects of remote medical practices in different regions of the world. This practice –commonly referred to as Telemedicine or Telehealth, or treatment from an Online Doctor –has since improved its coverage significantly.

And now, patients can have unrestricted access to an online Doctor and get medical consultation and advice at no or little cost. These online doctors are trained in exploiting the bulk of innovative information technologies available today in medicine. Once remote access has been established, confidential patient-doctor information exchange is all the requirement to practice medicine. Beyond the physical distance barriers, Telemedicine has significantly improved how individuals can quickly assess healthcare while avoiding the usual challenges.

Ranging from minor illnesses to major ones, telemedicine is useful in virtually all areas of human medicine. An online doctor can evaluate the symptom presentation of a patient, make an accurate diagnosis and, if necessary, send an online prescription. However, the technicalities guiding the operations of an online medical session depend on the regional regulations guiding it. In some regions, online doctors might be required to undertake special short-course training focused on the optimal use of information technology. Caregivers might also be required to obtain special licensing documents or sign non-disclosure agreements that protect the confidentiality of patients’ medical history.

Erectile Dysfunction and Telemedicine

In 2019, GlobalMed, a global giant involved in the design and manufacturing of integrated software and hardware telemedicine solutions, published a report on Telemedicine’s prospects and evolution. The Telemedicine stats published in this report suggests that about 74% of millennials prefer telehealth visits to in-person doctor assessments. There are other reports suggesting that over 89% of patients with minor illnesses are willing to have telemedicine as a satisfactory form of medical care. In essence, many people are drawn to the merits of telemedicine on a daily basis.

Since this form of remote medical care offers complete anonymity and confidentiality, it is not surprising to see that people prefer it in many cases. Over the years, the number of telemedicine cases involving an online doctor attending to a patient with erectile dysfunction or urinary tract infections has increased significantly. Suddenly, people simply found a way to discuss their private health problems remotely with a doctor. Disease conditions like urinary tract infections and erectile dysfunction usually required a drug-only therapy approach. Patients can simply describe the severity of symptoms observed as the online doctor try to offer medical help. These minor conditions are perfectly fit to be treated online.

Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual impairment characterized by the inability to maintain or achieve an erection that is needed for satisfactory sexual performance. In simple words, the penis repeatedly fails to achieve a sustained erection easily.  Globally, erectile dysfunction is considered the most common sexual problem in men. Men who are older than 40 years are 50% likely to have erectile dysfunction. In many diagnoses cases, the root causes of erectile dysfunctions are multidimensional.

An alteration in the stepwise process involved in penile erection –desire, erection, ejaculation, and detumescence –generally results in erectile dysfunction. Hormonal impairments can also affect the process of penile erection and flaccidity. Many studies have also suggested that a confirmed diagnosis of erectile dysfunction in some men might points to an ongoing underlying medical condition such a diabetes mellitus and heart failure.

Erectile Dysfunction Online Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment with an Online Doctor is becoming more and more popular. Many patients believe sexual health is a sensitive matter and would rather prefer to treat it confidentially. Treating erectile dysfunction online has become easy as many healthcare providers now use different software solutions to bridge the distance gap and help patients. As a first step, a patient is required to locate and procure a telehealth provider’s services. Many telehealth facilities have innovative, user-friendly tech solutions that hasten new clients’ registration and documentation processes. Patients who have fulfilled the basic requirements of assessing telemedicine as pronounced by state or healthcare laws are immediately granted direct access to an online doctor.

The online doctors who attend remotely to patients with erectile dysfunction are experts with certification in sexual health. The first step in the doctor-patient relationship is gathering information relating to the pathology and severity of the disease conditions. Patients are subsequently asked questions that give information on sexual history, medical and surgical history, lifestyle patterns, drug history, and psychological history. To a large extent, initial therapy questions are aimed at determining the stage of sexual response that is abnormal or altered. On questioning and evaluation, the online doctor becomes equipped with the needed knowledge to determine if the onset of erectile dysfunction is organic or linked with an underlying health condition.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options Available for an Online Doctor

Depending on disease severity and cause, the online doctor might simply recommend some lifestyle modification techniques to improve penile erection. In many cases, an online prescription might be needed to treat erectile dysfunction. If there are chronic underlying diseases such as circulatory problems or abnormal penile curvature, patients may be advised to consider surgical or secondary drug therapy. An online prescription can simply be generated by a certified online doctor and sent to the patient. As expected, a patient can proceed to a pharmacy, fill the prescription, and start self-monitored therapy at home.

Many telemedicine providers also have innovative technology resources that enable the online to conduct an in-treatment patient assessment. This assessment might be necessary to evaluate treatment efficacy and modify the drug regimen if necessary. Compared with the trend in men’s sexual health before the advent of technological advancement, telemedicine has significantly transformed health coverage and improved the reach of online doctors. Contacting a doctor online for the treatment of erectile dysfunction comes with many impressive merits Patients are saved the stress of a long travel and the doctor visit hours are significantly reduced.



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