Online Doctor vs. Traditional Office Visit

Tell us if this sounds familiar:

You always make sure that everyone in your family is well taken care of. Your kids never missed a dental appointment and you pick up the phone and call your doctor the second you notice that your spouse is not feeling well. Or, you make sure that your parents don’t skip any doctor visits and you ensure that your siblings get the right medical attention when they need it. But, when it comes to your health, you always find an excuse to postpone a trip to the doctor.

We get it: our lives are hectic and finding the time in our busy schedules to visit the doctor can sometimes be very difficult. And, if you have to travel a long distance to see a physician, then it almost feels like Mission Impossible. But, just because you are extremely busy with work, taking care of your family, and other social obligations, that’s no excuse for ignoring your health. Especially in this day and age when you can consult with a doctor from the comfort of your house.

Telemedicine has made it possible for almost anyone to get diagnosed for simple, common conditions as well as receive the care and medication you need. Of course, there are situations when a face-to-face visit cannot be avoided. For example, if you think you’ve broken your arm, then a physician will have to inspect it and run a few tests to determine if the bone is actually broken. But, when it comes to non-emergency conditions, such as the common flue, a rash, UTIs, or even behavioral conditions like stress or anxiety, then an online doctor’s appointment can be a reliable, convenient, and affordable way of getting the treatment you need.

And, that’s just scratching the surface of the advantages of telemedicine. Here are more benefits that online doctors can offer.

It’s Fast and Convenient

When you schedule an appointment with your doctor, you need to consider several factors. You will probably need to drive or take the bus to get there. Then, you will have to wait in the doctor’s office until he can see you. If you are on a tight schedule, then any delay can affect your entire day.

With telemedicine, on the other hand, you can talk to a doctor with just a few clicks on a button. All you have to do is choose your preferred time and book the appointment. Then, when it’s time “to see” your doctors, you just connect with them online from the comfort of your home.

Telemedicine Makes Healthcare Accessible to Almost Everyone

If you live in a rural area, then getting access to healthcare might be quite difficult. For starters, you may have to travel long distances to be able to see a doctor, which means that you need to take time off work. The costs also increase as you have to pay not just for the medical services you are accessing, but for transportation and your missed workday(s) too. Even those living in urban areas can find it difficult to make an appointment with their doctor because of their work or family responsibilities.

Telemedicine can make it possible for people to access the care they need regardless of where they live. You won’t have to travel to see a doctor and you can easily schedule an appointment outside of your regular work hours.

It’s Cheaper Than On-Site Medical Visit

One study found that a typical telemedicine appointment costs about $50 as opposed to a traditional on-site medical visit that costs around $176 per visit. If you also have insurance, then the cost per appointment can be as low as $15.

The actual cost of the consultation isn’t the only factor you need to consider when estimating the overall expense. More often than not, you need to drive to the doctor’s office, so the gas money adds up too. And, if you need to take some time off work, then you may be looking at a few hundred dollars per visit. Telemedicine can also save you a trip to the emergency room (and we all know how expensive that can be) as an online doctor can answer your questions virtually whenever they come up.

You Can Get Your Prescriptions Online Too

Another major benefit of telemedicine is that doctors can prescribe medication remotely. They will send the prescription to a pharmacy near you and then all you have to do is pick it up or have it delivered at your doorstep. There are situations when you will need an in-person consultation before you can get your prescription online, but in most cases, your online doctor can prescribe a wide range of medications, such as antibiotics or allergy medication.

Personalized Care

Whenever you talk to an online doctor, your medical history will be recorded and stored online so that you don’t waste time answering the same questions the next time you need to consult with a doctor. Moreover, you can also request a doctor based on language, gender, or whether factor makes you feel comfortable when discussing your medical condition.

Privacy and Security

One of the main reasons people avoid seeing a doctor is that they feel uncomfortable talking about their health issues. With telemedicine, you connect with a doctor from an environment that feels safe and comfortable (your own home.) Moreover, when you use a telehealth platform, you can rest assured that you are connecting to a system that is safe and secure. All online doctors have to comply with the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), which was passed in 1996, and ensure that your medical data is safe.

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